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Back To School 2020 Quarantine - Covid Edition


Welcome to back to school 2020, The Quarantine-Covid Edition!!! This School Year is one that we will never forget, FOR SURE!!! This year Jacob is going into the 5th grade. It definitely takes a village in a normal situation as I am a single mom who co-parents with Jacob's dad and both of our families. Without them, I could not provide the life for him that we have and without them, he wouldn't be as amazing as he is. He is very fortunate to have his parental grandparents 30 min away and my crazy, loving, family 30 min the other direction. That being said, it really was a family decision that we made together, that Jacob wouldn't be going back to school right now. We elected for the option in our county that allowed Jacob to still be a part of his school but attend virtually. We hope that when things change, he could go back and attend school traditionally, face to face.

Being a single mom, Jacob lives me and attends school here in our neighborhood and attends the before and after school program, and that allows me to work an 8-5 schedule during the week and he stays with family on the weekends if I have to work. Wanting to keep him home for the 1st semester presented many obstacles for me and I was prepared to HAVE to send him to school because I didn't have any other options. Well I did, but it didn't really suit us. I could:

  • Send him to his grandparents who offered to keep him and he would stay with him most of the week and I would have him only 2 days a week when I was off work. His grandparents live 30 min north from our home and I work 30 min south, so to pick him up everyday after work and drop him off in the mornings before work would be just virtually impossible. I didn't feel comfortable with leaving him most of the week and being a part time parent.
  • I could stay home with him and Attempt to find another job during the pandemic that would allow me to work from home but take a huge pay cut. 
  • The winning option came when my aunt stopped working for her own personal reasons and offered to stay with Jacob while I worked during the week. She lives near my store and dropping him off in the morning and picking him up after work would be seamless.

I was very fortunate that the stars aligned in our favor, but I know not all families have that many options, so whatever choice you made, is the best option for you.

When we locked down our decision, our back to school was a little different than it has been in the past, partly because he is schooling virtually and partly because is now a big 5TH GRADER! 

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Good luck to all those kiddos starting school this month in whatever format they have been set up to attend this year and good luck to all the parents. Be patient with all the amazing teachers out there as I hope they are patient with you and your students. This is an adjustment for all of us and we are doing GREAT!!!




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